Books to help with … gift ideas!

101 Things to Do Before You’re Old and Boring

Part of the 101 Things… collection, this book is a fun, interactive book that has something for everyone 8 years old and above.

The Happy News

Each page of the The Happy News will make you smile. The newspaper is brimming full of positive stories from around the world, everyday heroes and uplifting messages. It’s a perfect gift for a family to share and children 8 years and above to enjoy.

Poems to Live Your Life By

The mix of beautiful poetry and captivating illustrations in Poems to Live Your Life By are a heady mix. Many of these poems deal with more grown-up topics such as relationships and growing up which makes it an ideal gift for a 13 year old and above.

Here We Are

An essential read for ALL humans – it’s quirky illustrations and powerful message are perfectly entwined. Whilst Here We Are is an ideal gift for a new arrival to the world, it’s suitable for ANY AGE.

The Happy Self Journal

With it’s variety in pages, illustrations and daily quotes there’s enough in The Happy Self Journal to keep people coming back everyday. This journal is aimed at 6 – 12 year olds, but if completed together, it’s a great to use with younger people too. Not to mention, older than 12 year olds will enjoy it too!

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